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Storyteller Zhao Jin Can Now Appear Digitally “Live” in Your School!

兆锦老师可以现身直播, 到您的学校讲故事了!

About Edutainer

Edutainer is the collective body of a group of educators, entertainers as well as professionals from related fields coming together to create a series of interesting learning through entertainment projects. We termed these projects as Edutainment. These edutainment projects come in the form of online broadcasts, special media contents to 'live' edutainment shows.

Our Vision

We aim to strive to create more of such valuable edutainment contents so long there is a demand for edutainment! Also, our team of Edutainers are constantly expanding! Do update and join us if you have a special calling towards our brand of edutainment!
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How it works 步骤简介

setting up of live streaming by our team

1) Our team will assist with the system setup. 我们的GENEMATE技术员会提供科技协助。

live streaming via our technology

2) Live Streaming via the Internet. 用网络科技现场直播。

example of live interaction with zhao jin

3) Teacher Zhao Jin will interact "LIVE" with the students. 兆锦老师能直接和同学们互动,讲故事。

“LIVE" or Broadcast "LIVE"?


  • Tailormade Stories! 为不同班级的学生量身定做互动故事或成语故事!
  • “Live” Interaction with Your Students! 现场‘ LIVE ’ 和学生们互动!
  • Learn new words, phrases and Chinese idioms! 学新的字,词汇和成语!
  • Using online technology made simple and easy to set up! 利用简单网络科技,容易设置和能直播到不同课室里去!

Various ‘live’ broadcast and “live” story telling packages available.

不同的故事配套,每场直播 40 分钟。。

* Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact us for further details

Contact Us

Contact Person 负责人: Elaine Poon

Contact Number 联络号码: 92319967

You can also reach us via the contact form below for further enquiries. 您也可以填写以下表格来联系我们。

We'll do our best to get back to you asap.


最让人印象深刻的是陈老师的教态很亲切,学生应该很喜欢他,上课也很积极….希望以后能听到陈老师更加多的名师公开课。有更多的机会向老师讨教、 学习。

李谙 中国·广州市广州大学附属小学

而陈兆锦老师的课程,构思的完整,紧凑,衔接流畅,环环相扣。有趣的声带变化吸引了学生的注意力,配合漫画讲解,每一个环节都吸引着学生们的目光, 课堂气氛活跃。

孙茂林 中国·广州市广东志博教育咨询有限公司 教育总监


陈玉婷 中国·广州市越秀区安安幼儿园老师